The enterprise group has set up several regional service centers in the domestic market, providing customers with high-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service. According to GB/ t18742-2002 standard, changsheng home decoration series pipe is used for 70 years under the specified use temperature, working pressure and working environment.

Service object: installation of a full set of long-winded pipe fittings in piping system, such as the appearance of mixing phenomenon, our company does not provide service.

Service requirements: the on-site pipeline trench has been opened (for example, we do not provide service for the landfill); The diamond service certificate shall be provided in case of pressure test.

Service commitment: if we pass the test pressure or pressure test of our service center, any problems in the future operation of the pipe will be irrelevant to the decoration company and the plumber, and our company is solely responsible for it. If the quality problem of the combination of changsheng products and other brands (including other brand pipelines in the pipeline; It is not within the warranty scope of the company. The leakage of the piping system due to improper use or force majeure shall not be within the warranty scope of the company.