Product introduction

The product description

1. Urban water pipe network system. Large diameter PE pipe, non-toxic, non-scale, more suitable for urban water supply main pipe and buried pipe, safety, sanitation, construction convenience. 2. Replaceable cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe. Used for the old network reconstruction project, not large area excavation, low cost, can be widely used in the old city pipe network reconstruction. 3. Industrial raw material transportation pipeline. Chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmaceutical, light industry, paper, metallurgy and other industrial raw materials conveying pipe. 4. Landscaping water supply pipe network. Landscaping requires a lot of water pipeline, PE pipe toughness and low cost, making it the best choice. 5. Pipe material for sewage discharge. PE pipe has unique corrosion resistance and can be used in industrial wastewater, sewage discharge, cost and maintenance cost. 6. Ore and mud conveying. PE pipe is highly resistant to stress and abrasion, and can be widely used in transporting ore, coal ash and dredging mud. 7. Agricultural irrigation pipelines. The PE tube has smooth inner wall, large flow, and good impact resistance. It is ideal for agricultural irrigation.